Friends of the Street Children (FSC)

Friends of the Street Children (FSC) works with, and for, the street children in Kitwe on the Copperbelt province of Zambia.

Street children are individual children that are significantly affected by the streets. As an organisation, we have developed a responsive approach through our programming to help children leave the streets and grow in homes where they are supported by responsible adults. As an organisation, we believe that children and young people need our support because as humans, we are born weak, helpless and vulnerable. Therefore, we need a responsible adult to take care of us while we are still young. Children that live and work on the streets need support, care and direction lest they should grow without proper guidance. They need to survive and develop for them to come and make meaningful contribution to the society. This requires consented effort from all people living on the face of the earth.

Since 2001 FSC has aimed to change perceptions of street children, working to find long term solutions; providing refugee shelters for children, high quality street-based services and offering much-needed friendship, guidance and support.

Friends of the Street Children run three main programmes to respond to the needs of children: Street outreach programme, rehabilitation programme and reintegration programme. We also advocate for the right cause of children.