Who We Are

Friends of the Street Children (FSC) is a registered NGO (registration number ORS 102/26/494) dedicated to addressing the needs of Street Children in Zambia.

Our Vision

Friends of the Street Children envision a society where every child grows and lives in a supportive family environment. A society in which children are enabled to achieve their full potential by growing in a secure, stable, caring and loving environment that ensures adequate nutrition, good health, physical and emotional security, and the opportunity to develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

Our Mission

To help street children become responsible and happy members of society.

Our Goal

To reintegrate at least 70% of the street children in our programmes back into their families and communities by the year 2020.

Our Objectives

  • To enable street children return to their families or foster care or other appropriate institutions

    Outside Cibusa, the girl’s rehabilitation centre in Kitwe
    Outside Cibusa, the girl’s rehabilitation centre in Kitwe
  • To provide material support the children require while in our care
  • To provide education and life skills training appropriate to each individual child in order for them to become responsible citizens.
  • To provide the children with social, moral, spiritual and cultural guidance in order to instil in them positive values and behavioural patterns.
  • To create awareness on the plight of street children and its causes to promote community involvement in finding solutions.
  • To advocate for children’s rights and protect their human rights.

Organisational Structure

Friends of the Street Children Organogram


The organisation has the Executive board comprising of people from different walks of life. It is a second highest policy making organ of the organisation from the Annual General Meeting. The members of the Board are elected at the Annual General Meeting every year. The Executive Board is responsible for major policy decisions of the organisation and approving of the budget lines.

The Executive Board hires the Executive Director. The office of the Executive Director is in charge of the running of the day-to-day affairs of the organisation supported by other supportive staff. The Director is responsible for implementation of all the policies formulated by the Board or the AGM.

The Administrator is hired by the organisation to carry out administrative duties of the organisation. The Administrator is responsible for supervising all the staff in the organisation as well as taking full responsibility of administrative ties of the entire management. The administrator supervises all the programme coordinators.

The Programme Coordinators are responsible for running the programmes and are directly involved with the children in our programmes. These also make sure that the children are attended to as expected and in line with our policies and guidelines. The Programmes Coordinators are the managers of the programmes and implementation of the activities designed by the organisation. The coordinators supervise the implementation staff of the organisation. Each Coordinator has a line of staff working under.

Current Members of the Executive Board

Name Position Occupation
Mr. Mulenga Christopher Executive Chairperson Senior Teacher
Mr. Sichone Joachim Vice chairperson Constable
Mr. Leston Bwalya Secretary Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs. Longa Kunda Vice Secretary Accountant
Mrs. Violet Yanduli Treasurer Community nurse

Funding and Management Arrangement

The Executive Board is responsible for the sourcing of funds both locally and abroad for the organisation. After the budget proposes are funded the board and management team sits and analyse the budget and give ago ahead to the management to implement the funded programmes.

The management team are fully involved in the implantation and supervision of the programmes and are closely monitored and by the executive board. This is archived by an accounting procedure, which requires the executive board treasurer to sign on all the cheques for the money being drawn. All capital assets for the organisation are done by executive board in corroboration with management.

On quarterly basis the management submits report the executive board for checks and balances.These reports include both field reports and financial reports.

Friends of the Street Children